Günther Wolfsgruber, MGM Pastry Chef

Günther Wolfsgruber, MGM Pastry Chef

Q: If we peeked into your home refrigerator, what would we see?
A: My Mum’s famous apricot jam, my mother-in-law’s chili sambal and for sure good-quality honey.

Q: What are the top three things you can’t work without in the kitchen?
A: Artisan flour, high quality eggs and unsalted butter—the structural basics.


Q: With which “theme ingredient” would you be unbeatable as a competitor on Iron Chef?
A: Chocolate. The possibilities are endless and everyone loves it.


Q: What qualities does a person need to become a great chef?
A: Persistence, patience and a lot of imagination.


Q: What was your worst kitchen disaster?
A: At a state banquet in Korea the pastry trolley with hundreds of desserts toppled and shattered on the ground—that was a real disaster.


Q: What was the most interesting meal you’ve ever cooked? For whom and where?
A: There are too many to list.


Q: Is there one special bottle of wine you could not live without?
A: I am a big fan of fresh, crisp and fruity whites. Probably it’d be a Pinot Blanc. Weissburgunder from Ludwig Neumayer is an unbelievable wine.


Q: How would you describe your cooking philosophy?
A: Simplicity is the key, top quality is a must.


Q: What was your best culinary experience?
A: A multi-course, traditionally inspired Taiwanese dinner at a restaurant outsideTaipei. There was no menu, only Chef’s recommendations. It was absolutely WOW!


Q: What is your opinion of the food supplies nowadays?
A: There are more choices than ever before, but hardly anything tastes any better than it used too, and I am shocked how much we pay for the endless amount of packaging surrounding the food.


Q: What is your opinion of organic products?
A: They’re great, but only if they come directly from the source.


Q: What inspired you to become a chef?
A: By a true passion for the work that I developed at the age of ten, while spending the summer holidays helping at my father’s friend’s bakery and restaurant.


Q: Would you pay a premium for food that comes directly from a farmer or an artisan?
A: Absolutely, especially if I know that by doing so I can support someone’s passion and livelihood.


Q: What cooking technique do you like to use the most?
A: I like whichever technique brings out the food’s best flavors, whether it’s steaming, poaching, vacuum-cooking, baking, grilling or whatever.


Q: Is cooking an art, or a science?
A: It’s a beautiful trade, whose craftsmen deliver the best performances every day.