All the traditional Italian dishes on Terrazza’s menu are also original dishes, carefully and creatively refined for their international customers by Galaxy Macau’sTM Executive Chef for International Kitchens Guillaume Comparat and Terrazza Chef de Cuisine Chef Alfio Longo.

Traditional Italian dishes benefit from centuries of trial and error. But not every rendition of a traditional dish is equal. Subtle differences in interpretation can make a big difference.

“Guillaume brings a very important quality – his experience in Asia,” says Alfio. “He has had years of experience here. He understands what people like. He knows just the right approach for adapting traditional dishes to appeal to Asian palates.”

“We both go out to explore,” says Guillaume, “and then we come back to discuss things and share new ideas. Once I went to a local Chinese restaurant and tried the suckling pig. It was amazing – everyone was eating it.”

“In Italy,” says Alfio, “we have a similar dish called porchetta.”

After deciding to feature the dish on the Terrazza menu, Guillaume and Alfio went to work. A long period of experimentation culminated in a delicious payoff: a 26-hours-slow-cooked, moist suckling pig with perfectly crispy skin, stuffed with rosemary, sage, garlic, lemon, and Italian fennel salami.

“Alfio and I worked together a lot on this dish,” says Guillaume. “It’s the Italian porchetta, cooked with a Chinese twist.”

Another one of Terrazza’s signature dishes is a traditional seafood stew from the Tuscan village of Livorno. Returning from the sea, the Livornese fishermen make a big stew from their daily catch – fish, squid, octopus, clams, mussels – whatever is in the nets.

“The seafood is cooked with tomatoes and red chilies,” says Alfio. “But we make it less spicy than the Italian version, and a bit lighter.”

“Here we’ve added lobster,” says Guillaume. “It is very popular. People love the soup and the seafood together.”

Terrazza’s salt-encrusted sea bream is another traditional dish that has benefitted from Guillaume’s creative expertise, and from careful collaboration between Chefs Guillaume and Alfio.

“We gave this dish a French touch,” says Guillaume. “We cook it for only twelve minutes in a very hot brick oven. The encrusted salt becomes very strong – this helps preserve the freshness and natural flavors.”

“In Italy, they serve it very simply, with steamed vegetables,” says Alfio. “We serve ours with olives, tomatoes, and lemon for a bit of acidity.”

“We have a philosophy at Galaxy Macau,” says Guillaume. “World class, Asian heart. We want to deliver a worldclass dining experience to every customer.”

“We always want to deliver our food with passion and sincerity,” adds Alfio, “while bringing happiness to our guests.”




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